Cable Removal
The National Electrical Code concerning “abandoned cable” requires the removal of all existing cables that are not terminated at both ends and not “tagged” for future use. This important code provision is in place to reduce the fuel load for potential fire that these cables represent in all buildings.

Building officials and fire marshals inspect buildings to ensure compliance to this very important code, and will hold your company, as a building owner and / or tenant, accountable for non-compliance.  Therefore, it is important to recognize this code provision, and to develop both a short-term and a long-term cable removal plan.

568Systems offers the trained personnel and logistics to address the requirements of this important code. In this effort, we have joined with DuPont’s Preferred Contractor Network to offer not only the removal of the abandoned cable, but also to facilitate the recycling and full recovery of the copper AND the plastics from the abandoned cable as well. Working closely together, DuPont can offer a Certificate of Waste Diversion for the recycled cable, and the program may even help contribute towards the USGBC LEED credits for Green Building Design.